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Incredible new and used containers!

At All Direct Container Sales Pty Ltd, we supply all types of new and used shipping containers. These units have a variety of uses and are an excellent short or long-term storage solution for both domestic and commercial purposes.

All of our containers are made of Corten steel, a high tensile anti-corrosion steel, that is strong, secure, durable, and perfectly capable of surviving extreme conditions.

All containers have double opening doors at one end with locking bars and catches, which allows for units to be easily locked by padlocks on a least one door. For added security, you can have your shipping unit installed with a locking case, otherwise known as lockbox, to protect your padlock from bolt cutters.

The steel units have marine ply floors, which have all been tested for a safe storage load of 24-30 tonnes, and air vents for circulation.

Container types and the number of units fluctuate daily as new stock is constantly arriving. If there is something you want that is not listed here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We may have it in stock or be able to source it easily. All new units are wind and waterproof, as well as vermin-proof.

Grading units (age and condition)

The prices of shipping containers vary depending on age and condition. These are normally classed in one of the following categories:

New One-Way, Export Unit, Manufactured, Current Or Previous Year
A Grade Export Or Food Quality Units
B Grade General Purpose Units Suitable For Household Goods
C Grade Suitable for Machinery, Tools, etc.

All units are windproof, waterproof, and vermin-proof. Our rates for second-hand units are very competitive, so please don’t hesitate to ask us for a quote based on your storage or shipping container requirements.

As is units (damaged units)

We also have units that are sold “as is”, and may require minor or major repairs. This option is suitable for people who are equipped to modify the units themselves.

Example of use:

You may want a unit with damaged doors, as you will be installing a roller door in its place. Perhaps you need a unit with a damaged roof, as you will be putting additional sheeting over the roof to create an annex for a workshop. There are many uses for “as is” containers and prices are always highly competitive.

Please note some of these units are more readily available than others. Contact our team with your requirements, and we will endeavour to find the perfect storage unit for you.

Buy and store units on-site

For the convenience of our customers who are purchasing units for a permanent storage alternative, we proudly provide storage on our premises. Whether for a short or long-term requirement, we are happy to assist and store all goods securely at our location in Meadowbrook.

New units

Storage Containers Brisbane

We generally refer to units as new if they have been manufactured in the current or previous year and have only done a one-way trip to Australia. Prices for new units change often, largely due to the varying price of steel. Please contact our knowledgeable team to get the most competitive price for your new container.

We currently have the following new units available for sale:

Type of unit Common term
20’ 8’6” New unit 20’ New
40’ 8’6” New unit 40’ New

Second-hand Units

Storage Containers Brisbane

The most commonly used second-hand units are outlined below:

Type of unit Common term
20’ 8’6” General purpose Unit 20’ GP
20’ 9’6” General purpose unit 20’ HI CUBE
40’ 8’6” General purpose unit 40’ GP
40’ 9’6” General purpose unit 40’ HI CUBE
20’ 8’6” Refrigerated unit 20’ REEFER
20’ 9’6” Refrigerated unit 20’ HI CUBE REEFER
40’ 8’6” Refrigerated unit 40’ REEFER
40’ 9’6” Refrigerated unit 40’ HI CUBE REEFER
20’ 8’6” Insulated unit 20’ NOR
20’ 9’6” Insulated refrigerated unit 20’ HI CUBE NOR
40’ 8’6” Insulated unit 40’ NOR
40’ 9’6” Insulated unit 40’ HI CUBE NOR
20’ Flat rack/base 20’ FLATRACKS
40’ Flat rack/base 40’ FLATRACKS

Decades of experience

As the Manager and Company Director of All Direct Container Sales Pty Ltd, Harry Stewart’s prior industry experience spans 30 years, including work with ACTA Shipping for 13 years (bought out by P & O Shipping) and Conaust Container Park for six years. During this time, he has established solid alliances with most of Australia’s major shipping lines, leasing companies, transport services and container park depots.

The complete package

Storage Containers Brisbane

All Direct Container Sales Pty Ltd has a loyal and growing network of clients. Our entire business is focussed on providing our customers with the most efficient and cost-effective service available. We utilise the skills of specialised contractors to facilitate the ground transport, rail, shipping, repairs, and modifications best suited to our customers’ needs. By providing this complete package, we guarantee a professional service at a very competitive price.

Our client base has grown over the years, enabling us to secure overseas contracts for large volumes of used shipping containers. Although the majority of these units are required for Australia, we are able to reposition large quantities of these units to any safe major port worldwide. This expansion allows us to service rental clients, retailers, and wholesale dealers in the private, public, and government sectors.

Domestic storage services

We rent containers to individuals for a number of reasons. Whether you need additional storage space for household furniture and goods, or you’re moving house, we can help you store away items that are not regularly needed. We also offer secure and convenient storage for cars, boats and machinery.

Wholesale storage services

Our shipping and storage containers are available at wholesale prices to clients throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales. With our bulk buying capacity and distribution of such means, we are proud to offer our clients the best prices available. Please get in touch with our team for information about wholesale containers.

Commercial storage services

We supply units to many companies, both large and small, including those in the development, building, plumbing, and electrical industries. The units allow companies to have an easily movable secure storage facility on-site.

We also supply to retail businesses that may need storage during busy periods, when excess stock is present. This may be around the holidays and seasonal markets, or when bulk buying for greater profits.

Government storage services

At All Direct Container Sales Pty Ltd, we supply containers to many government departments, including Correctional, Housing, Environment, Building Works, and Mining. As a preferred contractor for the Queensland Government Department of Public Works, we regularly supply units throughout Queensland for many organisations and construction projects, including schools, police stations and RSCPA facilities.


Specifications of units

At All Direct Container Sales, we are the storage solution experts, and we consistently carry a wide range of high quality storage and shipping containers in a number of sizes. Regardless of your storage or shipping needs, our team can work with you to find the perfect solution. Serving clients in Meadowbrook, Brisbane, and the surrounding areas, we provide free quotes for all services, and have the capacity to sell or hire out units at very reasonable prices.